Art by Molly Flood; lyrics by Sleeping At Last

In the near future, an alien race declares that Earth will be destroyed in fifteen years from that day. The main character grows up in a world divided into those who want to stay and defend Earth and those who want to leave to colonize in space. But amidst the world-wide conflicts, strange phenomena take place, including sudden alien attacks, abductions, and the Returned–people abducted and then returned to the planet with superpowers. As a blogger, the main character follows these phenomena passionately, but things get personal when she becomes one of the Returned–a Returned who loses everything and gains nothing, not even a superpower. And it’s all because of a single, arrogant bastard she knew in high school. But sometimes, when all is laid low, that’s when Opportunity rears its head: a chance at a new life, new job, and new hope for revenge. Problem is, on a grander scale, time is short for everyone.