The girl whose parents were erased to hide a secret; the boy who loves her but shouldn’t; and, the impending destruction of the entire planet by a mysterious alien race.

Art by Molly Flood; lyrics by Sleeping At Last

In the near future, a mysterious alien race arrives only to declare that Earth will be destroyed in fifteen years. Juni Yoo, “June” for short, grew up in a world divided into those who want to defend Earth and those who want to leave to colonize in space.

Amidst the world-wide conflicts, other strange phenomena take place, including ghost towns where the citizens of entire communities suddenly disappear and the appearance of Talents–people abducted by the aliens and then returned to the planet with superpowers. Determined to reveal the secret behind the death of her parents and the erasure of their existence that followed, Juni follows these phenomena passionately as an investigative blogger.

But things get too personal when Juni herself is abducted and becomes a Talent–a Talent who loses everything and gains nothing, not even a superpower. Convinced she would have found the truth to her past if someone from her past had not found her first, she is then forced to face the culprit–and the power struggles ripping society apart–head on. Luckily, it’s often when all bets are made that Chance flips its final card: a chance at a new life, new job, and renewed hope for answers.

Problem is, on a grander scale, time is short for everyone.