Teaser: “Under the Bloodwood Tree”

"I stretch my boughs, reaching toward the turquoise sky. I thrill at the newborn sunlight dodging through the surrounding not-me trees. It warms my bone leaves and bloodwood bark. The smells of sea brine and sweet decay soften the bitter, hot-iron scent of my natural wood oils. "Birds break into song in the not-me trees--the … Continue reading Teaser: “Under the Bloodwood Tree”

Teaser: “Little Eyes”

A Phantom Cohort story--a sister-story to "All Light and Darkness." "I would cry if I could. Instead, I curl around the book, hugging it to my chest. The world is burning, but I have their words--I have their stories. They’re here, against my chest, beside my breaking porcelain heart. Then, the darkness that took my … Continue reading Teaser: “Little Eyes”

Teaser: “The Calligrapher’s Daughter”

Even though Lottie is well-versed in the magic Art of Calligraphy, her mixed heritage killed her chances of joining the Calligrapher's Guild of Charleston. Now she's stuck working for a jerk in a calligraphic clockwork factory. But when a young boy steals a strange device from her, she finds herself not only chasing him, but … Continue reading Teaser: “The Calligrapher’s Daughter”