Teaser: “All Light and Darkness” the novel

I step toward the door, but something hangs onto the hem of my jerkin. I look back. It’s Sara, she pinches the leather between her fingers. “Come back,” she says. “After. Please.” Lamplight glistens in her eyes. She bites her bottom lip to keep it from trembling. She looks tired, deathly tired. Shadows hang from … Continue reading Teaser: “All Light and Darkness” the novel

Teaser: “Under the Bloodwood Tree”

"I stretch my boughs, reaching toward the turquoise sky. I thrill at the newborn sunlight dodging through the surrounding not-me trees. It warms my bone leaves and bloodwood bark. The smells of sea brine and sweet decay soften the bitter, hot-iron scent of my natural wood oils. "Birds break into song in the not-me trees--the … Continue reading Teaser: “Under the Bloodwood Tree”

Writers of the Future, Volume 34, Synopses and Teasers

Here's some tidbits about the stories included in this years Writers of the Future, Volume 34, and the incredible artwork. "Turnabout" A djinn owes her liberator a wish, but what's she to do when he refuses make it? One of my favorites, "Turnabout" by Erik Bundy is a tale brimming with travel, adventure, and dry … Continue reading Writers of the Future, Volume 34, Synopses and Teasers

Teaser: “Little Eyes”

A Phantom Cohort story--a sister-story to "All Light and Darkness." "I would cry if I could. Instead, I curl around the book, hugging it to my chest. The world is burning, but I have their words--I have their stories. They’re here, against my chest, beside my breaking porcelain heart. Then, the darkness that took my … Continue reading Teaser: “Little Eyes”

Teaser: “The Calligrapher’s Daughter”

Even though Lottie is well-versed in the magic Art of Calligraphy, her mixed heritage killed her chances of joining the Calligrapher's Guild of Charleston. Now she's stuck working for a jerk in a calligraphic clockwork factory. But when a young boy steals a strange device from her, she finds herself not only chasing him, but … Continue reading Teaser: “The Calligrapher’s Daughter”