A Safe Place for Stories

There's something called self-compassion. She's the Cinderella of identity paradigms--scorned, ignored, and sent to scrub everyone else's feet. Her evil step-sisters are Self-Esteem and Self-Hate. Keep that in mind. I want to tell a story. It's the story of Story. A child sits snug in bed. His parents tucks his blankets around him. They tell … Continue reading A Safe Place for Stories

The Beast that is Audience.

In my past life, I was a pioneer--one of those 19th century folk in covered wagons that you saw in 8-bit playing Oregon Trail. And when I died from dysentery, I must've skipped my drink at the River of Oblivion. The reason I bring this up: When people bring up social media platforms, I'm totally … Continue reading The Beast that is Audience.

The Egyptian Protests of 2011

The Egyptian Protests began on January 25, 2011 - a day now dubbed "The Day of Wrath" in Egypt. Today is February 4, 2011: "The Day of Decision". President Mubarak has refused to step down from his position as president. He has been president of Egypt for nearly 30 years. During his "reign", the rich got … Continue reading The Egyptian Protests of 2011

Our Responsibility to Younger Generations

Definition of "little brother"/"little sister" - Any person that is younger than you and witnesses the things that you do, the things that you say you do, and the things that they think you do. I have a sister who is seven years younger than me. Because of this, I've witnessed an interesting pattern in the … Continue reading Our Responsibility to Younger Generations

The Iranian Protests of 2009

I've been keeping close track of the events in Iran over the last few days. It really is incredible, and I think it marks a pretty big change. Iran is facing two decisions (especially since the Supreme Leaders speech today (6/19/09)). Either Iranians submit to Islamic authority in government and give up their votes, or … Continue reading The Iranian Protests of 2009