Writing the Last Chapter for the First Time

Endings can be a relief. Endings can be new beginnings. Endings may not be endings at all. Writing the last chapter of All Light and Darkness was all three of these for me. All Light and Darkness is my first complete novel. I've attempted writing novels since I was fifteen years old. I've started many. … Continue reading Writing the Last Chapter for the First Time

The Chapter from Hell

Nine months. That's how long I've been working on one chapter. Granted, that one chapter has turned into four chapters now, but still... NINE MONTHS! I now have half a chapter left and that section will be done. HALF A FREAKING CHAPTER!!! Why is it so hard! And it has been hard. I've gotten myself … Continue reading The Chapter from Hell

Inspiration for “All Light and Darkness”

"All Light and Darkness" was inspired by the Israel-Hezbollah War that broke out in Lebanon in 2006, just before my senior year of high school. Somehow, my hormone-soaked teenage brain caught on this conflict, and I found myself delving into the details, particularly the plight of the refugees. It was the first time I woke up … Continue reading Inspiration for “All Light and Darkness”

The Writing of “All Light and Darkness”

"All Light and Darkness" began as a final project for my college Creative Writing class. It was not speculative fiction originally and lacked much of the refinement the published version has (hopefully). However, the voice and format were there, as well as the plot. When I first decided to pursue the Writers of the Future … Continue reading The Writing of “All Light and Darkness”