Review of 2020 Goals and Goals for 2021

Review of 2020 Goals Screw 2020. Goals for 2021 I've come to a significant realization. But let me backtrack first...Supposedly well-written goals follow the SMART rules:1. Specific.2. Measurable.3. Attainable.4. Realistic (which seems redundant to me, but hey, we want to stick with the cool acronym).5. Time-bound.Following these rules is supposed to guide goals to be … Continue reading Review of 2020 Goals and Goals for 2021

The Chapter from Hell

Nine months. That's how long I've been working on one chapter. Granted, that one chapter has turned into four chapters now, but still... NINE MONTHS! I now have half a chapter left and that section will be done. HALF A FREAKING CHAPTER!!! Why is it so hard! And it has been hard. I've gotten myself … Continue reading The Chapter from Hell

Review of 2019 and Goals for 2020

2019 Stats: "All Light and Darkness" outline complete about 30,000 new words and 25,000 revised 3 submissions and 0 sales Goals from 2019: 2 new short stories 20 submissions 1 pro sale I am no longer writing short stories.  Short stories requires a direct and fast-moving plot with stream-lined world-building. Novels require immersive details and … Continue reading Review of 2019 and Goals for 2020

My Reading Heritage; My Writing History

Previously, I mentioned a little about my introduction to the worlds of science fiction and fantasy. My first science fiction experience was The White Mountains, the first book of The Tripods series by John Christopher.  My 4th grade teacher read it aloud. When she finished reading it, she read the first chapter of the second … Continue reading My Reading Heritage; My Writing History

Review of 2018 and Goals for 2019

Review of 2018 Newly written: 3 short stories, 2 flash fiction, and 1 novel (1st draft) 29 submissions (0 acceptances; 32 rejections (4 carried over from 2017); 1 pending) Goals from 2018: 3 new short stories 30 submissions 1 pro sale (WOTF doesn’t count) Complete a novel no matter how badly it turns out. (10 … Continue reading Review of 2018 and Goals for 2019

Trunked Stories

I recently started listing my "trunked" stories beneath my progress bar. I want to take a moment to explain why. Trunked stories are those stories that have been set aside by the author for whatever reason. Maybe publishers just weren't interested. Maybe the writer identified a major flaw. Maybe the writer simply grew out of … Continue reading Trunked Stories

Writing Women

I've only recently discovered I'm terrible at writing female characters. Last week, I read an article by Mirah Bolender published on titled "Learning to Write #FearlessWomen." It was an eye-opener for me because I realized I approached female characters with the same hesitations she did.  She explains: "...I wanted to write a male protagonist. … Continue reading Writing Women

My Outlining Process

It's been some time since I wrote a post. That's because I've been spending every moment of spare time I have writing. I've been more productive over the last two months than I was all summer. In large part, because of a new outlining process I've been using. I've tried outlines before. I tried the … Continue reading My Outlining Process

Brandon Sanderson’s Writing Group

In July, I had the opportunity of a lifetime. A friend of mine, Darci Rhoades Stone, whom I met at the Writers of the Future workshop in April (and the Grand Prize winner of Writers of the Future Vol. 34), invited me to attend Brandon Sanderson’s private writing group while I was vacationing in Utah. … Continue reading Brandon Sanderson’s Writing Group

Teaser: “All Light and Darkness” the novel

I step toward the door, but something hangs onto the hem of my jerkin. I look back. It’s Sara, she pinches the leather between her fingers. “Come back,” she says. “After. Please.” Lamplight glistens in her eyes. She bites her bottom lip to keep it from trembling. She looks tired, deathly tired. Shadows hang from … Continue reading Teaser: “All Light and Darkness” the novel