Alien Armageddon and the Bailiwick of Guernsey

I lived on the Island of Guernsey for two months doing cultural research. I travelled all over the island and became very familiar with the history and stories there. I love the complexity. I also love the culture. It’s the kind of place where the locals prefer hiking boots to heels.

The reason I chose this place to be the headquarters of the organization Returned Research and Rights (RRR) in my current project “The Courage of Stars” is because of the World War II fortifications still present on the island. Since the RRR ends up on the bad side of both of the main power groups–the Patriots (those who want to fight for earth) and the Pathfinders (those who want to save humanity by colonizing space)–it seems to me an island with a lot of military-grade fortifications might be the right place to house their research on Returned.

It nurtured Vikings, weathered the Napoleonic Wars, and endured the German Occupation of WWII, so if any place can handle an alien Armageddon, Guernsey can.

Plus, it gives me a chance to reminisce. 😉

Saints Bay in Guernsey. These were no gentle, sandy beaches welcoming all. They were craggy cliffs with secret coves only for those who know how to reach them.
Castle Cornet and St. Peter Port. The Harbor Road that runs along the port is one of my favorite places to walk. Even though the traffic is noisy, there’s something soothing about having the ocean right at hand. Some days, it meters below the road. Other days, it threatens to spill over the quay and into the street.
Cobo Bay at sunset. Great fish and chips.
Grandes Rocques – a fort from the Napoleonic wars converted into a battery by the Nazis during the WWII Occupation. These German fortifications are located all over the island. They are so heavily engineered that they can’t be demolished. Hills of grouse can only disguise them.

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