Review of 2020 Goals and Goals for 2021

Review of 2020 Goals

Screw 2020.

Goals for 2021

I’ve come to a significant realization. But let me backtrack first…

Supposedly well-written goals follow the SMART rules:
1. Specific.
2. Measurable.
3. Attainable.
4. Realistic (which seems redundant to me, but hey, we want to stick with the cool acronym).
5. Time-bound.

Following these rules is supposed to guide goals to be not-too-hard but also not-too-easy.

My realization?

When it comes to goals, my motivation dies like snakes in my mother-in-law’s backyard–beheaded or crushed. Sometimes both.

So what does that mean for my good-year 2021?

I’m gonna keep it pretty simple. This year, I’m gonna write some stuff, and I’m gonna read some stuff. And it’ll be great.

There. Done.

Have a great year everybody!

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