Teaser: “Little Eyes”

A Phantom Cohort story–a sister-story to “All Light and Darkness.”

“I would cry if I could. Instead, I curl around the book, hugging it to my chest. The world is burning, but I have their words–I have their stories. They’re here, against my chest, beside my breaking porcelain heart.

Then, the darkness that took my body first takes my mind also.”

I hope to finish it by the end of the year–that’s five weeks. Ready, go!

***Update: I didn’t finish until the end of January due to holiday travels and sicknesses. However, “Little Eyes” is complete and making the rounds in the marketplace. It was a joy to write, and I’m very pleased with the product so here’s to hoping! *Crosses fingers, but not on the left hand because it’s bad luck to cross using the left.*

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