Brandon Sanderson Book Signing

I went to my first book signing today. Brandon Sanderson was at Murder by the Book in Houston, Texas as part of his Oathbringer tour.

I learned a few things:

  1. I should not just “wing” book signings.
  2. Charisma is a HUGE part of being a popular author, and Brandon has loads of it.
  3. The sun is hot. (Okay, I already knew this one, but today was a refresher course.)
  4. I am not a Brandon Sanderson hardcore fan. Today, I met some true hardcore Sanderson fans.
  5. 100.5 if now my lucky number.

I had him sign my Kindle book cover and add “See you in LA.” Because he’s going to the WOTF writer’s workshop, and I’m SUPER stoked about it. I plan to take my Kindle with me to the writer’s workshop and have the other big shots sign it. I think that’ll look SO COOL, and then I can admire them whenever I use it instead of having all those cool signatures all cooped up and lonely in individual books.

Anyway, it was super cool and super fun, and, of course, I walked away feeling like a super happy idiot because my tongue turned to leather and my brain turned to molasses as soon as I stepped up to the table. Oh, well. “Happy” is the important part.

See you in LA, Brandon. See you in LA…

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