Book Review: “What Men Live By” by Leo Tolstoy

"What Men Live By" by Leo Tolstoy A Review and Reflection... Though a majority of the story is nothing profound--the simple recount of a stranger being found naked and starving by a poor shoemaker who takes him home and cares for him; the stranger then learns the shoemakers craft and becomes a renowned shoemaker in the … Continue reading Book Review: “What Men Live By” by Leo Tolstoy

The Iranian Protests of 2009

I've been keeping close track of the events in Iran over the last few days. It really is incredible, and I think it marks a pretty big change. Iran is facing two decisions (especially since the Supreme Leaders speech today (6/19/09)). Either Iranians submit to Islamic authority in government and give up their votes, or … Continue reading The Iranian Protests of 2009