About Me

Amy Henrie Gillett, or A.H. Gillett, was raised in several places in (and some outside of) the United States, including Texas, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Pennsylvania. Moving often and living in many areas of drastically different climates, languages, and societies engrained a deep interest in cultures for Amy as well as a strong reliance on books.

Amy grew up reading general fiction and historical fiction. Her favorite book was Where the Red Fern Grows until she graduated high school. Aside from Harry Potter and The Tripods, she did not read speculative fiction until college. Then, through the pages of Tamora Pierce, Suzanne Collins, Sherwood Smith, and Brandon Sanderson, she discovered the joys of the speculative world. The stories she’d written since childhood soon changed from tense survivalist stories on the tundra and the drama between high school friendships into survivalist stories in demon realms and the drama between alien cultures.

Now, Amy is pursuing her dream of permanent residence in the speculative realm. She published her first short story, titled “All Light and Darkness,” with L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future, Volume 34 in 2018. Since then, she’s been working on a novelization of the story and its sequels.

Amy now lives in Utah where she enjoys mountain views, rock-climbing, and cursing skiing. She oversees a supernatural household consisting of a spouse who is the fractured part of her soul that traveled over time and space to find her, three young ninjas who are destined for grand adventures and many groundings, a dog with questionable intelligence and loyalties, and three pet snails who…are just snails.

Oh, and her favorite book is currently The Left Hand of Darkness.