About Me

Even though it seems like I’ve always been writing, I hadn’t seriously considered writing professionally until after five years of marriage and one kid. After a few years of puttering around the house complaining about dishes and laundry, instigating unnecessary home projects, and attempting to learn to cook, my husband told me to get back where I belonged–behind a desk with a book and a computer. I’d become a rather ornery person, but taking up the pen and setting a goal (making quarterly submissions to the Writers of the Future contest) made me happy again.

Well, there you have it. I’ve been writing with an eye toward a career in it since April 2016, and I’ve never been happier. Though, admittedly, my house has been cleaner, my yard nicer, and my body thinner. (Still working on my work-life balance…)


Guess what! After two years of hard work, I finally finished my 2nd draft of “All Light and Darkness.” In reality, this it more like the actual 1st draft while the previous draft was a rues. Still, I’ve been working on this project for 3 years next month, and–in the words of my high school woodshop teacher–“Jeez O’Petes” has it been hard! I have learned a lot though.

I have many major revisions to make, including two new chapters, a major revamp of the opening, and two new characters, but I’m the kind of writer that enjoys revisions. I love taking a scene that was pretty clunky and ugly at first and then going through and really making it shine. First drafts are incredibly hard for me, but revisions bring out the joy of writing for me.

Last in ALAD news, I’m going to be releasing the short story of “All Light and Darkness” soon. In a way, this will be my way of practicing for other indie projects I want to release. So bear with me as I learn the ins-and-outs of self-publishing and promoting.

Now that I’m diving into revisions of ALAD, I’ve decided to start a new project as well, applying all the hard-earned lessons I’ve collected in the last three years. The project is a web novel called “The Courage of Stars” and it’s an alien invasion + humans get superpowers kinda story:

In the near future, an alien race declares that Earth will be destroyed in fifteen years from that day. The main character grows up in a world divided into those who want to stay and defend Earth and those who want to leave to colonize in space. But amidst the world-wide conflicts, strange phenomena take place, including sudden alien attacks, abductions, and the Returned–people abducted and then returned to the planet with superpowers. As a blogger, the main character follows these phenomena passionately, but things get personal when she becomes one of the Returned–a Returned who loses everything and gains nothing, not even a superpower. And it’s all because of a single, arrogant bastard she knew in high school. But sometimes, when all is laid low, that’s when Opportunity rears its head: a chance at a new life, new job, and new hope for revenge. Problem is, on a grander scale, time is short for everyone.

There we go folks! A long awaited update. You have my permission to get excited.