A.H. Gillett is on break from her blog for the next few months in an effort to finish her novel and salvage her mental health. Please stay tuned for new updates early next year! In the meantime, please enjoy this video.

About Me

Even though it seems like I’ve always been writing, I hadn’t seriously considered writing professionally until after five years of marriage and one kid. After a few years of puttering around the house complaining about dishes and laundry, instigating unnecessary home projects, and attempting to learn to cook, my husband told me to get back where I belonged–behind a desk with a book and a computer. I’d become a rather ornery person, but taking up the pen and setting a goal (making quarterly submissions to the Writers of the Future contest) made me happy again.

Well, there you have it. I’ve been writing with an eye toward a career in it since April 2016, and I’ve never been happier. Though, admittedly, my house has been cleaner, my yard nicer, and my body thinner. (Still working on my work-life balance…)